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The Children’s Campus of Kansas City, Inc.

Children living in poverty are at greater risk for health and social problems and experience significant developmental risk factors and low levels of success.  They often enter kindergarten two standard deviations below the norm and never catch up with their peers.  Research has demonstrated that there is a way to change the trajectories and outcomes for the most disadvantaged children.  Impressive research experiments conducted by academics in controlled settings have given us incontrovertible evidence that this can be accomplished through high quality early childhood education programming that additionally offers support services for the whole family.  Research reflects that investments in the early years have very high rates of return while interventions at later ages in the life cycle have low economic returns. People who participate in enriched early childhood programs are more likely to complete school and much less likely to require welfare benefits, become teen parents or participate in criminal activities.  Rather, they become productive adults.  (James J. Heckman, PhD).