Strong leadership supports the implementation of our research-to-practice model and develops the culture for high-quality early childhood education and family support service.

The Children’s Campus of Kansas City’s Board of Directors manages the building, leases space to the tenants, establishes business efficiencies, coordinates training across agencies, supports research efforts to identify the most promising practices, and provides a centralized community support system.

Executive Board

Cckc Jery Nunn

Morris J. “Jery” Nunn
Board President

Cckc W Terrance Brown

W. Terrence Brown
Board Treasurer

Cckc Bill Dunn Iii

Bill Dunn, III
Board Secretary

Cckc Cynthia Fails

Cynthia Fails
Marketing Chair

Cckc Martha Staker

Martha Staker
Fundraising Chair

Cckc Barb Friedmann

Barb Friedmann
Board Member

Cckc Bob Graham

Bob Graham
Board Member

Cckc Brian Mckiernan

Brian McKiernan, Ph.D.
Board Member

Cckc Jaime Masters

Jaime Masters
Board Member

Cckc Joe Privitera

Joe Privitera
Board Development Chair

Cckc Kim Shaw

Kim Shaw
Board Member

Cckc Betty Shelton

Betty Shelton
Board Member

Cckc Brian Boyd

Brian Boyd, Ph.D.
Director of Juniper Gardens Children’s Project

Cckc Dean Olson

Dean Olson
President and CEO, The Family Conservancy

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