Greater than the Sum of Our Parts

We are three distinct organizations with different histories and functions that share a common goal of enhancing the lives of children and families in this community. Each of the three organizations brings a unique perspective to our collaboration, and the synergy created by working together not only enriches our joint projects, it also strengthens the work we do within our own organizations.

Our Story

Beginning in 2000, a number of organizations, including the current CCKC partners, identified a vision where like-minded agencies would co-locate and build on a set of shared goals to ensure that all children would enter school ready to learn, parents would be supported in the role as their child’s first teacher, and all activity would be guided by research that would lead to improved outcomes for children and families.

The Timeline

In the fall of 2001 the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation invited the CCKC to submit a proposal to explore the efficacy, costs, benefits, risks, and possible locations for such a campus. *Ultimately, three partners among the original group of agencies recognized that they could maximize their impact by co-locating and working together in a new and collaborative way.

In 2002 the three partners (Project Eagle, the Family Conservancy, and the Juniper Gardens Children’s Project) gathered additional community support and undertook a feasibility study to determine what would be needed to move forward with their vision for a shared location.

With this support, a location was selected in the downtown community of Kansas City, Kansas, and at the historic entrance of the Lewis and Clark Bridge. This location allows the CCKC to serve as a beacon of hope for children and reminder of the value the KCK community puts on quality early education as the door to a better future for all children.

In 2004, the three partners filed articles of incorporation in the state of Kansas, a CCKC Board of Directors was created, and a capital campaign was undertaken that led to a public-private partnership to support the construction of a 72,000 square foot, LEED-certified building located at 4th and Minnesota in downtown Kansas City, Kansas.

In May of 2010 the three partners (Project Eagle, the Family Conservancy, and the Juniper Gardens Children’s Project) relocated to the CCKC and began offering services. The CCKC partners continue to collaborate around the original goals, and continue to identify additional and innovative ways to expand our impact in the following ways:

  • on children, working to improve all children’s opportunities to succeed in school and in life.
  • on families, giving them the support they need to nurture their children and prepare them for the future.
  • on our community, helping it become an environment where each generation can learn and thrive.