Invest in Early Childhood Education, Research, and Advocacy

The CCKC is a collaboration of independent agencies that work together to improve the educational and health outcomes for children living in poverty. This partnership among the CCKC agencies is vital to supporting children and families and has produced measurable outcomes.

The CCKC helps individual children and families in our community and also serves as an “agent for change” by sharing successful strategies across the country for the education and care of young children, for supporting families, and for training teachers.

By giving, you buy opportunity for children and invest not only in their futures but also in the future strength of the economy.

Your donation helps the Children’s Campus of Kansas City to increase its impact in the areas of research, practice and advocacy towards enhancing quality early education and programs to reduce the achievement gap. Your investment can make a real difference in the lives of children and families in Kansas City and beyond.

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You can mail your donation directly to:

The Children’s Campus of Kansas City
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